Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I will be absent from a class?

It is essential that you or your parent call the studio and let the receptionist know that you are unable to attend. Speak to your instructor or the artistic director to schedule an appropriate make-up class. Tuition will not be refunded as students have the opportunity to make up all missed classes.

Which class(es) should I choose?

When a child is first beginning to take dance, the type of dance class they attend is not as important as their sense of enjoyment and accomplishment. Dancers can excel after beginning in ballet, tap, or jazz. As students become more serious about dance, ballet becomes a necessity. Ballet provides the fundamental theories of body placement and posture, balance, coordination, and flexibility. It is the cornerstone of all dance forms.

How many classes a week should I (or my child) attend?

For young children (ages 1.5 to 5) one class a week is often enough. However, a parent knows their child’s individual attention span and energy level best and may feel that they will do well enrolling in two classes per week. Students ages 6 to 8 who wish to pursue dance and performance should attend a minimum of two classes per week (including ballet). Ages 9 and up should attend a minimum of three classes per week (including ballet).

Which class is appropriate for me?

To determine correct class placement, speak to the Artistic Director, Sandra Morgan. Factors such as age, prior experience, ability level, future goals, outside commitments and other factors determine class placement. We take a conservative yet flexible approach to placement, ensuring that students are challenged but not overwhelmed.