DDC Recital Information

Please read the following information very carefully.

1. 2015 Recital Details/Reminders
2. Dress rehearsal schedule
3. classes in each performance
4. Class costume lists


The recital call times – Dancers should be completely hair, make-up, and costume ready backstage at the call time.

Saturday, June 7:

  • 2:30 for the 3:00 performance
  • 5:30 for the 6:00 performance

Sunday, June 8:

  • 1:30 for the 2:00 performance
  • 3:30 for the 4:00 performance

Dancers should remain in their assigned dressing room at all times until escorted to the auditorium for their routine(s). Dancers should not leave early from the performance. There will be a curtain call at the conclusion of the performance that includes all dancers.

Each performance will be different – please check the schedule carefully! Some dancers/families will participate in more than one performance. We try to keep this to a minimum but due to the complexity of scheduling, it is not completely unavoidable.

All tuition, costume and/or other fees must be paid in full before the recital.

Tickets are $3 and should be purchased in advance at the studio.
May 1st – Each family will be allotted a number of tickets for purchase. May 21st – all remaining tickets may be purchased
in any amount. This policy is to ensure that all families have seats for the performance. Tickets will be sold at the door, but we cannot guarantee availability at the door.

Location – Wydown Junior High’s NEW Auditorium
6500 Wydown Blvd, 63105

Video – Mike Keune will be videotaping the performances. An order form will be available later.

Costumes – please double check all costumes before and after the dress rehearsal and each performance to ensure that you have all items. Put your name or initials in each piece of clothing and shoes. It will not be possible to replace costumes at the last minute.

Performance Make-up – Our youngest dancers (Pre-K classes and level 1 classes) are not required to wear make-up. Other dancers need to wear make up so that facial features show up onstage under the lights. Makeup should be natural looking – neutral eye colors, mascara, blush, and lipstick. Make-up should be done at home before dress rehearsal and performance.

Friday June 3 at Wydown

           Dancers only in the auditorium.


This is a listing of the classes in each time slot
Students who are not present for the dress rehearsal may not perform in the recital

3:00pm to 4:00pm
Mon 9:30, Mon 1:30, Tues 4:00, Thurs 1:30, Sat 9:00, Sat 9:45
Mon 10:15 Toddler Class

The remaining classes will rehearse in show order!

Saturday 2:00pm Show – time TBA
Saturday 6:00 Show – Time TBA

Sunday 1:00 Show  – Time TBA
Sunday 4:00 Show – Time TBA





Saturday 2:00

Saturday 6:00

Sunday 1:00

Sunday 4:00


This is a preliminary list – please check again later!

Please read the following list very carefully and confirm that you have all the items listed. Make sure all items are in good condition and fit properly.  Hang costumes at home. Students should not wear costumes to class until after the performance.


No jewelry (including earrings) and or finger/toe nail polish. Tights – please purchase Capezio “ballet pink” convertible tights. Hair – please use a black rubberband, for buns use a hair net and hair pins. Secure all loose pieces well! Please notify the studio as soon as possible if you have a costume question or problem.       


PRE-K / TODDLER CLASSES:      Hair: Ponytail

Monday 9:30 Class
Blue dress, Pink Ballet Shoes, No tights

Toddler Class
Yellow dress, Pink Ballet Shoes, No tights

Monday 1:30 Class
Pink dress, Pink Ballet Shoes, No tights

Tuesday 4:00 Class
Plum dress, silver hair bow, Pink Ballet Shoes, No tights

Thursday 1:30 Class
Red dress, Silver hair bow, Pink Ballet Shoes, No tights

Saturday 9:00 Class
Pink dress, Hair bow, Pink Ballet Shoes, No tights

Saturday 9:45 Class
Red leotard, Red tutu, Red Hairbow, Pink ballet shoes, No tights


Monday 4:30 Children’s Ballet A
Blue dress, Pink Footed tights, Pink ballet shoes
Hair: Ponytail

Monday 4:30 Children’s Jazz B
Green top, silver skirt, green legwarmers, pink tights
Black jazz shoes – no socks                                Hair: Ponytail

Monday 5:15 Children’s Jazz A
Blue shirt, Black shorts, Blue and white hair ribbons,
Black Jazz Shoes – no socks       Hair: Ponytail

Monday 5:15 Children’s Ballet B
Black leo, Blue skirt, Pink Footed Tights,
Pink Ballet Shoes   Hair: Ponytail

Monday/Saturday Ballet (Giselle)
Dress, Pink Footed Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes
Hair: Bun

Monday 6:15 Lyrical
Navy dress, Ivory Hair accessory, Pink tights folded up, pink ballet shoes or foot undies            Hair: Bun

Monday 7:15 Jazz
Black cherry leo, black shorts, Mask, Pink tights folded up,
Black Jazz Shoes-  Hair: Bun/Ponytail

Tuesday 4:15 Children’s Ballet C
Blue Leo, White tutu, Red hair bow, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes Hair: Bun

Tuesday 4:45 Children’s Broadway Jazz
Purple dress, Purple hairpiece, Pink footed tights, black jazz shoes

Tuesday 5:15 Senior Ballet
Navy leo, navy skirt, Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes    Hair: Bun

Tuesday 5:30 Children’s Jazz C
Black leo, Pink top, Colored shorts, pink tights folded, black jazz shoes.      Hair: Bun

Tuesday 6:15 Ballet
Blue leo, White tutu, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes     Hair: Bun

Tuesday 6:15 Lyrical
Black dress, Pink tights folded up, ballet shoes, foot undies or no shoes Hair: Bun

Tuesday 7:15 Jazz
Black jazz pants, top, Black Jazz Shoes, No socks Hair: Bun

Wednesday 4:15 Children’s Ballet A
Green dress, Pink hairpiece, Pink Footed Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes
Hair: Ponytail

Wednesday 5:00 Children’s Tap

Wednesday 5:45 Children’s Tap

Wednesday 5:45 Hip Hop
Blue Cami, White/black burnout Shirt, Black capris, Black Jazz Shoes, No Socks       Hair: Ponytail

Wednesday 6:30 Senior Tap
Red dress, Pink footed tights, Black tap shoes
Hair: Bun
Boys: red shirt, black pants, Black tap shoes

Wednesday 6:30 Hip Hop
Girls: Black leo, print leggings, black gloves,
Black Jazz shoes/sneakers, Black socks     Hair: Ponytail
Boys: Yellow shirt, black cargo pants, black Jazz Shoes/sneakers, no socks

Wednesday 7:15 Children’s Tap

Wednesday 7:30 Hip Hop
Girls: Black cami, Black leggings, Red plaid shirt, black Jazz Shoes or jazz sneakers, no socks    Hair: Ponytail
Boy: Black tank, Black pants, Red plaid shirt, black Jazz Shoes or jazz sneakers, no socks

Thursday 4:15 Ballet B
Black leo, White long tutu, Ears and Tail, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes
Hair: Bun

Thursday 4:15 Children’s Jazz C
Dancer’s own leo and shorts
Accessories – gloves, leg warmers, tie, wristbands, baseball hat,
Pink tights folded up, Black Jazz Shoes, No Socks      Hair: Ponytail

Thursday 5:15 Children’s Ballet C
White leo, White tutu, Pink Footed Tights,
Pink Ballet Shoes           Hair: Bun

Thursday 5:15 Jazz B
Blue cami, white top, print shorts, pink tights folded, black jazz shoes no socks      Hair: Ponytail

Thursday 6:15 Lyrical
Black leo, black cherry skirt, Pink Tights folded up, ballet or lyrical shoes     Hair: Bun

Thursday 6:15 Ballet
Black cherry leo, red skirt, pink tights, Pink Ballet Shoes Hair: Bun

Thursday 7:15 Jazz
Blue leo, Dancer’s own Black jazz pants, Black Jazz Shoes, no socks
Hair: Bun

Saturday 9:00 Senior Ballet
White leo, white tutu, black gloves, black sash

Saturday 10:30 Children’s Ballet
Teal dress, Teal hairpiece, Pink Footed Tights, Ballet Shoes
Hair: Ponytail

Saturday 11:15 Children’s Jazz
Black leo, Pink dot shorts, dancer’s own jacket, book and backpack,
Black Jazz Shoes, pink footed tights, no socks.
Hair: Ponytail