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Info/Terms Of Membership


All dancers must audition annually for DDC.
Auditions for the 2017/2018 season will be held
Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 3:00pm.
The audition form is available below.


Members of DDC are required to attend a minimum three classes weekly as determined by the Director after audition.  These classes are in addition to rehearsal time. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that all dancers are receiving the best possible training to be able to dance at performance level. Rehearsals to learn choreography will be scheduled as necessary beginning in January.


Members are expected to adhere to the dress code for their classes. When attending performances an appropriate cover up should be worn. Members will be given a list of required dancewear for performances.


Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Members will treat class members, instructors and other dancers at performances with respect. Members are a reflection of the studio and a role model for other dancers. Any behavior in or away from the studio deemed inappropriate by the director may result in expulsion.


Absences from required classes:
Class requirements must be met. Absences must be made up in a timely manner in an appropriate class. 3 absences or more with no make-up may result in removal.

Absences from scheduled rehearsals:
Due to the amount of choreography taught during each rehearsal and the importance of each and every rehearsal, dancers who are unable to attend a rehearsal may be removed from the piece.
If a dancer will be absent from rehearsal for any reason they are expected to contact the director a minimum of 1 month ahead of time.

Timeliness to class, rehearsal, and/or performance:
Dancers are expected to arrive early in order to warm up and be ready to dance at the scheduled start time of any class, rehearsal, or performance. Repeated tardiness to class, rehearsal, or performance may result in removal from the company.


DDC Members are required to register for online payment (Recurly)
Administrative Fee: $35.00
Rehearsal fee: $100.00
Total Due October 1: $135.00
*Workshop: Members are required to attend the DDC dance workshop: Cost TBA
*Tuition: determined by the number of classes attended.
*Costumes/dancewear: Members will be responsible for purchasing a costume for each piece as well as any other dancewear items required for the performance.

PERFORMANCES (tentative):

Benefit Dance Concert: April 6 and 7 at Wydown Auditorium.
Public School Outreach Tour, DDC Annual Recital, National Dance Week, Dancing in the Streets Festival, St. Louis Dance Festival Showcase. Not all dancers will participate in all performances.

To audition for DDC please fill out the registration form
and submit the $10.00 audition fee.

Questions? Contact Sandy Morgan at


DDC Audition Form

Please fill out this form to register for the 2017 Dimensions Dance Company Auditions.